PHU 3DPRO Leszno

The company 3D Pro

The company 3D PRO is a family business operating in the entire country for several years. However, our staff and management team has many years of experience in the machining what guarantees high quality of our products.

The 3Dpro Company's business is mechanical processing of plastic, aluminum and metals. Our services include CNC milling, CNC turning, rifling, electro drilling and installation of components for various industries.

The second profile of activity is the production of gears, testing and montage systems that assist in the production of cable harnesses and other production processes.

These are blocks of test and assembly, test sockets and assembly, through which the test and assembly of wiring harness is held on the production table. Also, we make whole assembly and test tables according to customer requirements.

A comprehensive and open cooperation with our customers is based primarily on the potential of technology, modern machine park and professional and competent staff. We use modern computer software CAD / CAM system that supports production processes and design.

The combination of modern equipment and technologies optimally matched guarantee the highest quality products in both mass production and the unit.

We manufacture products using the technology:

  • CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Wire and downhole drilling

We process the following materials:

  • plastics
  • aluminum
  • steel

We produce:

  • tooling for manufacturing beams
  • blocks for electrical testing
  • fixing blocks
  • mounting blocks
  • fixing and controlling brackets
  • test plugs
  • spare parts for machines
  • spare parts for dies and punches
  • rollers and sliding
  • hydraulic couplings
  • rollers for lifting teams
  • components of automotive components
  • insert to the injection and casting mould
  • drilling equipment
  • checking devices
  • dies
  • production details
  • details according to the documentation

We produce spare parts for various industries:

  • Production of wire harnesses
  • Automotive Trade
  • Machine Trade
  • Building Trade
  • Medical Trade